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This is a beautiful, tropical blooming bush. Great for window sills, planters, gardens, etc. They require a lot of light and come in a multitude of colors.

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Stocked Sizes
6, 10

Additional Details

Botanical Name
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Soil Moisture Needs
Exposure Needs
bright light

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Anthuriums are relatively simple to grow, have beautiful foliage, but are more known for the gorgeous, colorful blooms They can produce blooms year round in the right environment. They are tough and will survive as an indoor foliage plant for an extended period of time, even under adverse conditions.

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Beautiful for Christmas.

Christmas Cactus

The cactus have scalloped edged flat leaves that are smooth and have no spines with tubular 3 inch flowers. Beautiful blooms starting in October through December which make them perfect for the holidays.

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Crown of Thorn

Crown of thorn is a low growing shrub. It looks like a Cactus but the thorns cover the entire plant except for the flowers. On the top of each of the long stems is a grouping of beautiful flowers. Great for patios and gardens and produces flower virtually year round.

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